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The smart way to service your car

Here's all you need to do when setting up an appointment at a dealership's service department:

1.Find your maintenance schedule. You can get this either from your owners manual or online by doing a Google search such as "2014 Toyota RAV4 owners manual." Here is a listing of all service manuals.

2.Photocopy or print out the schedule. You'll see why in a few seconds.

3.Schedule a service appointment. Ask for the service department and tell them exactly what is needed. Don't say, "I'm ready for my 15,000-mile service visit." Just read them what the owners manual says.

4.Be ready for the upsell. When you get to the dealership, the service advisor will probably say, "You have 15,000 miles on your car. Here's what we recommend," and hand you a sheet of services. Pull out your copy of the maintenance schedule, hand it to the service advisor and say, "But my manual says I only need this work done."

5..Handling extra recommendations. Sometime later, you're settled in the service lounge, eating free doughnuts, when your service advisor reappears and says something like, "We checked your car over and it looks like you also need …" — fill in the blank. The advisor could be recommending a brake job, a fluid change or the replacement of some part you've never heard of. If you have a good relationship with your service advisor and trust him or her, you could just go ahead and have the work done. But if it is not a safety-related issue, it doesn't hurt to say, "I'd like to hold off on that until my next visit."

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Small maintenance and large maintenance are carried out alternately according to a certain period. For some models, small maintenance is required every 5,000 km and large maintenance is required every 20,000 km, brake fluid and antifreeze fluid is changed every 80,000 km.

If you are car DIYer,don't forget check car system information via professional auto diagnostic tool whatever small or big maintenance.

Launch produced new product CRP429C include 11 special function.


Oil Lamp Reset
ABS Bleeding
Injector Coding
Gear Learning
EPB (Electronic Parking Brake Reset)
TPS(Throttle Position Matching)
IMMO ( Immobilizer Matching )
SAS Reset ( Steering Angle Calibration )
BMS ( Battery Register / Battery Maintenance )
TPMS Reset (Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset)
DPF Regeneration ( Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration)

Support all OBD2 functions:
Read Codes
Erase Codes
I/M Readiness
Data Stream
View Freeze Frame
O2 sensor test
On-board monitor test
EVAP System Test
Vehicle Info
DTC Look

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