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News: Maintenance of car sun-roof

These days the trend of luxury cars is increasing in India. People are more concerned nowadays about the comforts and features in their luxury roadsters. Apart from features like ABS, Cruise Control, Parking Sensors, Climate Control, Height adjustable seats, the feature of sun-roof is the most demanding one these days. People purchase cars with sun-roof but lack of proper maintenance makes the sun-roof ugly or hampers it sliding. Here are some easy steps that you can follow to maintain your c...

News: Keep Your Car Perfect with Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Cars require maintenance no doubt, but it needs pampering even with the change of weather. Like in summer rainy and winter your vehicle is suppose to be looked after differently. It’s always wise to take measures before the onset of the winter season, to save you from the perils. Car owners can follow regular maintenance schedule to have a perfect care of car and it will help them to have hassle free car drive in all sort of weather circumstances even in mercury boiling temperature or spine c...

News: Tips on Car Windscreen Maintenance

Most of the car owners pay attention to the maintenance of the vehicle but among them, many forget to include windscreen maintenance in their periodic checkups. Car windscreen maintenance is quite simple and can be done on your own. In order to maintain car,the drivers should treat this with utmost care as they do for tyres because neglecting small issues in windscreen can land you in deep trouble and on safety prospects as well,it is unsafe.

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