News: Keep Your Car Perfect with Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Car Perfect with Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Cars require maintenance no doubt, but it needs pampering even with the change of weather. Like in summer rainy and winter your vehicle is suppose to be looked after differently. It's always wise to take measures before the onset of the winter season, to save you from the perils. Car owners can follow regular maintenance schedule to have a perfect care of car and it will help them to have hassle free car drive in all sort of weather circumstances even in mercury boiling temperature or spine chilling winter.

Here Winter Car Maintenance has been discussed. The following discussions will make car owners aware of basic things that should be kept into mind with the onset of winter season.


  • Car Batteries: Car batteries require special care during winter season. One must check the top of the battery, terminal posts and it is suppose to be spic and span, the outer things can be cleaned with water and eating soda to get rid of dirt. By removing dirt and moisture from the connections, the chance of self discharge is lowered. The terminals and connections should be tidied, dried, tightenedand greased to prevent corrosion. It's advisable to have smart charger in case of unexpected discharge of batteries.
  • Oiling and usage of lubes: Proper lubrication will have your engine working smoothly and grumble free. The usage of correct lubes which are less viscous will enhance working of engine parts and prevents wearing and tearing.
  • Clean Filters and thermostat: Filters should be changed as per schedule and thermostat of the vehicle and levels of coolant should not be ignored as they actually help in keeping the engine properly warmed up.
  • Checking of tyre pressure: Exact tyre pressure is another important aspect of the car in winters. Have regular check of tyre pressure as it will ensure less wearing and better fuel efficiency. The over pressure will burn more fuel and result in bumpy driving. Motorist should always keep a spare tyre in case of emergency.
  • Heating the Car: Car drivers should make it necessary to heat up the car after starting it. This process gives warmth to the engine and makes oil circulation throughout the components of the car, making your car engine life more.
  • Maintenance of heater, defroster and wiper blades along with brakes is also recommended periodically for beating the harsh weather perils.
  • Having Fog Lights: The yellow fog lights are very effective in dense fog when the visibility is at minimum.  One can have fog lights in winter car maintenance programme to prevent accidents.

The above mentioned points will definitely make your driving safe and without interruptions. The drivers should keep the speed in limit and maintain considerable distance while driving, to prevent any mishaps.

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